• Historic Grady Stadium located across from Piedmont Park

    Lacrosse is now being played at a number of APS and other in town public schools including Grady, Maynard Jackson, N. Atlanta, N. Druid Hills and Therrel.
  • Welcome to CityStix Lacrosse, bringing Lacrosse Intown to Atlanta.

    Women's Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the USA. In 2014, Georgia had 78 high school Varsity programs and in 2015 that number increased to 85. Grady High School's Varsity program started in 2014.
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Parents FAQ

If you were like us, you had a lot of questions and it seemed that answers were hard to come by.   We still don’t have all the answers, but we would like to help.

How do I teach my daughter?

Purchase a girls stick.  Purchase a more expensive girls stick for yourself and your daughter.  The better cruxes are a lot more forgiving.  Catching and throwing with a boys stick is radically different due to the deep pocket.  I will explain catching and throwing techniques below.

Pay for the USLacrosse.org membership for both of you.  The monthly lacrosse magazine with your membership generally has a player explain a technique that breaks down the mechanics.   Their website also has excellent instructional videos and handbooks.  If they offer the Coaches certification training class near you, it is a day well spent.

You will need lots of patience. Girls and Boys are different in how they respond to suggestions.  For middle school and freshman high school girls, positive reinforcement/comments can be made in front of peers but suggestions/corrections are perceived as embarrassing and should be done one on one.

How do I catch?

Coaches use the phrase soft hands.   Have the crux pointed slightly forward.  As the ball hits the crux, you should be pulling the stick back towards you.  If you keep the crux vertical, the ball will bounce out.

How do I throw?

Shoulder, Shoulder, … Ball.  The stick should be elevated approximately 1 to 2 inches above and outside your shoulder.  The stick should be horizontal.  The motion is to step forward, pull with your lower hand as you push with your upper hand.   If the butt of the stick ends up in your stomach, then you are not throwing across your body.

When do I teach my daughter to throw and catch with her non-dominant hand?

As soon as you can.   By high school, players should be able to use both.  Many varsity programs use this as a barometer of stick skills.

Besides CityStix, what other programs exist for my daughter in Atlanta?

There are a number of club teams operating in the metro Atlanta region and they each offer a variety of programs and offerings.  Some are recreational and others have the goal of preparing your daughter for college competition.   Programs I am aware of include: A.C. Flight,  Copperheads, Decatur Rec LeagueEagleStix, HotLanta, LB3, Midwestern Force, Peachtree Warriors & Thunderbirds.

Is there lots of scholarship money available?

No, BUT there are scholarships and it does provide a reason for a school to admit your daughter.   Even though 10 – 15 colleges add lacrosse each year presently, the average D1 program has 40 girls and they are allowed to offer 12 scholarships.  By the numbers, the average D1 player will receive 1/4 to 1/3 scholarship.  For D2 programs, they are permitted to offer 9.9 scholarships and D3 do not offer athletic scholarships.

Many of the club teams offer recruiting seminars.    Several of the local camps sponsored or organized by colleges also include recruiting presentations.

If you go to LaxPower.com website you can find a list of schools and coaches.  As of 2014, 462 D1, D2 and D3 schools have programs.  As of 2015, 493 schools were listed.

Does my daughter really have a chance to play?

There are 2,900 high school tams listed on LaxPower as 2015.   Assume each has 21 girls on their team. Let’s round up to 3,000 high school teams.  Now look at the number of College programs (493).  Let’s round up to 500  to make the math easy and assume they have 21 girls per team (they want to have between 28 and 32).  There is a slot for 1 out of every 6 girls on a high school team.  If they each had a full compliment of 28 girls,  the numbers are 1 out of every 5 girls, but many teams have 15 to 18 girls on the lower echelon of D2 and D3 programs.    This does not include club and JUCO programs.  So the answer is, does she want to play?

How does GA differ from the Northeast?

Girls start at a much younger age and often play year around up north.   Georgia has garnered attention lately as programs and opportunities have been made available.

The rules of the game are the same; however, the style of play is different.   The game is much more physical in the Northeast.  Girls are expected and coached to be on the elbows and physically in contact with their opponent.   As the level of coaching improves in GA, expect the more physical game.

Should my daughter tryout for … Brine, Under Armour, Team GA?

Generally, yes.   If your daughter does not happen to have the opportunity to play on a quality high school or club team, then the opportunity to play with other quality players is invaluable.   Moreover,  college coaches like to see that someone else has also thought highly of your daughter.

Many blogs list these venues as a means for the sponsors to make money and they are rigged.

The tryouts are not making money in GA and if one considers the uniforms, paying for the evaluation and the coaches expenses, the tryouts are not a money making proposition.   The sale of gear at the tournaments is a money generating operation.

From what we have observed in GA, selections were solely made on the basis on how well the girl performed during the tryout and the evaluators took measures to anonymize the process.   That being said, a girl can have a great day and get selected over someone who is a consistently a better player.

Tryouts for Team GA require nomination of your High School coach and your Coach must be a US Lacrosse member.   Selected participants then compete at the IWLCA National Tournament.  This is one of the preeminent tournaments for College Coaches to attend and recruit each year.  The visibility and competition are excellent.

Tryouts for Brine and Under Armour just require you to pay for your daughter.      Under Armour appears to carry more weight and attract better players. Some have said that these events are skewed to the boys.  Also, they often conflict with other recruiting tournaments.   Bottom line, caveat emptor.


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